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Narborion 3

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ALSO PLAYABLE AS A STAND-ALONE GAME!Narborion 3: The Swamp of Thousand Paths is playable as a stand-alone young adult game, or you can continue your epic story started in Narborion Saga and Narborion Saga 2: The God of Orcs.
Turn-based Tactical Battle Game and Story-Based RPG, spiced with riddles and minigames!
Your young hero embarks on a journey to The Swamp of Thousand Paths to investigate the mystery behind the death of a hobgoblin, three rune-sticks, crocodile-man and the gathering of Darkness.
During your quest, you will meet many challenges, battles, riddles and secret codes. You can discover a vast marshland, the village of elves, the Pyramid of the Ancients and finally meet the Ancient Winged Horror as well.
The sequel of Narborion Saga, but also enjoyable as a stand-alone gamebook!
Narborion 3: The Swamp of Thousand Paths will give you:- a dynamic story with a very long and complex plotline- a turn-based battle system- dice-based Ability checks and attack rolls- a separate Battle Arena with over 30 stand-alone combats- option to upload your own carefully painted lead figurine or favorite paper mini into the game- riddles, anagrams and secret codes- touch-based minigames- dynamic character development- spells and magic- challenging combats- a feat-based advancement system